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How To Make Money With No Money

Mark Knopfler wrote the Dire Straits song, “Money For Nothing”, after overhearing delivery men in a New York department store complain about their jobs as they were watching famous musicians on MTV. Many of this song’s lyrics were things the delivery men actually said:

“We gotta install microwave ovens/ Custom kitchen deliveries/We gotta move these refrigerators. They go on to say that ain’t workin’/ I shoulda learned to play the guitar/ I shoulda learned to play them drums.”

These delivery men were upset about people making a lot of money, but not working hard. They just didn’t realize that there are ways to make money without having to spend any of their own money.Not only that, you can grow that money into a money tree that will pay you for years!

Grow a money tree.Zero cost money. It’s possible. It's not only possible, but easy to do. You just have to learn how. 

Are you trying to make enough money so that you can buy something you've had your eyes on, take a vacation, quit your day job? Do you want to have extra money left after your bills are paid?

Well, good news! We can teach you how to do this!

First, let me tell you who “we” are.

We are a team of internet marketing professionals that have combined our knowledge about ways to make money, to create a step-by-step membership site that will help you earn enough to accomplish your goals. By working together, we are able to share our combined knowledge and skills to help you achieve a level of success that you never thought possible.

Why are we sharing these strategies for free?

The Answer is simple: Leverage. By all of us (you included) working together we can leverage our time to achieve a level of success that individually we could not accomplish.

Have you ever wondered if there really is a legitimate way to make money without spending a penny? There are many ways. When you work with us you will learn how to make as much money as we do, or even more!

You will not have to spend any money to learn or implement these strategies. You will only need to take a small amount of what you’ve already earned through our methods, to increase your overall earnings.

Start making money today! It will cost you NOTHING to access these strategies in our membership site… EVER!

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Why You Should Join Tsu

Tsu is a social media website that has taken the internet by storm (they gained their first million users within 5 weeks). Similar to Facebook except for the fact that they actually pay you when you create content. When you are on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you create content whenever you post. When you post on Tsu you get paid.

You see, advertisers pay social media sites when certain posts are viewed or liked. These payments add up to billions of dollars. Tsu actually passes on 90% of that payment to you. This is truly amazing.

The average user can make about $1 - $5 per day. If you use social media a lot you can earn over a hundred dollars per month. Not bad money for doing the same things we do on Facebook.

Best of all, it’s actually pretty fun.

You do have to be invited to join, just click here to be invited (the site will open in a new browser tab). When you arrive at the site just click on the follow button and enter your information.

Once you do join you will definitely want to do the following:

1. Create a profile that will attract others to follow you.
2. Invite your friends.
3. Make new friends.
4. Post interesting content. Write stuff that other people want to know or that fixes a problem they may have.
5. Be sociable. View, like, and comment on other people’s posts.
6. Post from Tsu to Facebook and other social media sites.
7. Have fun.

There is even more reasons to join than just the money that they pay. Think about it. The people that are joining want to earn money online. If you are in the business of making money online, you will find at Tsu millions of others that are of the same mindset.

Introducing good opportunities to them should bring a decent response, don’t you think? Tsu can be your make money list!

Click here to join!

Another great feature is what’s called the Tsu Bank. Everyone has the option to transfer money to each other. This can be a great way to get paid for your personal services, products, or opportunities.

A few other things you need to know. You can…

1. Write 24 posts per day.
2. Share 8 posts per day.
3. Follow 1,000 users.
4. Have 5,000 friends.

I highly encourage you to join!

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Why should you install the Alexa toolbar? (a subsidiary of collects data on the frequency of visits on various Web sites and makes that data public. Alexa collects the data from people that have downloaded their toolbar and use it as they browse the internet.

So, why should you install the Alexa toolbar?

In almost any Google search the sites displayed in the top ten results have some kind of Alexa rank. Does Google use Alexa to determine their results? It’s impossible to know every factor Google looks at, but is it mere coincidence that the SERP’s contain mostly Alexa ranked sites? Is it possible that Google has an algorithm where an Alexa ranked site improves its authority rankings?

Follow the money. Advertising Agencies want to know a site’s Alexa ranking when they’re deciding if they should put an ad on a site. If they think it’s important why wouldn’t we Internet Marketers consider it important? Do they know something we don’t? Perhaps…

Another reason to pay attention to Alexa rank is it gives you an indication of sites where you want to put back links. You want your back links on to be located on sites that get traffic. This is especially important if you are targeting Web site owners, internet marketers, and tech savvy people.

Lastly, a good Alexa ranking may give your money sites more credibility in some people’s minds. Buyers are looking for all indications that the product they’re buying is backed by a professional individual or business. Alexa is just one factor that could help you sell your products.

Why Should I Use PayPal?

How am I going to get paid? Anyone looking to make money on the internet has to consider this question.

PayPal is a great way to get started. When you have an account with PayPal you have immediate access to the funds. Here are a dozen other reasons to open a PayPal account.

1. PayPal is inexpensive because they don’t charge setup fee or monthly fees. Use of their payment gateway is free as well.
2. Receiving money through PayPal is easy. You can transfer the money to your Bank Account or use a PayPal debit card.
3. Information submitted through PayPal is secure. They will nowt share your bank account or credit card information.
4. PayPal handles all fraud protection.
5. PayPal is very popular on the internet and many people use it.
6. PayPal is easy to set up on your website.
7. You don’t have to apply for a merchant’s license.
8. You can specify your payment preferences. Don’t want to sell internationally? You can set PayPal to decline payments from other countries.
9. You don’t have to worry about security. PayPal encrypts their payment buttons and the payment gateway.
10. It’s easy to set up recurring payments.
11. PayPal offers detailed transaction data.
12. PayPal has their own online shopping site. This can help you promote your products.

There are a lot of internet users who keep funds in their PayPal account because it’s easy to use. For them it’s convenient because they don’t have to find their credit card nor worry about the transaction because PayPal offers them a way to dispute charges. If they don’t receive the merchandise or it’s not as described PayPal will contact the seller. The seller is given a chance to prove that they completed the transaction, If the problem is not resolved the buyer receives their money back.

Go to the PayPal site to get more information.